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A Spa is Therapeutic in Many Ways..
Hydrotherapy Aromatherapy Physiotherapy Massage


Hydrotherapy, the union of heat, buoyancy and massage, is the reason why you want a spa..

  • Warm water increases blood flow and stimulates endorphins, providing a natural feeling of well-being. By dilating blood vessels, heat also speeds the flow of blood to sore muscles or damaged tissue.

  • Buoyancy lifts pressure from muscles and joints, reducing your body weight. This pleasant sensation of weightlessness makes it easier to move around during your hydrotherapy session and afterwards.

  • Massage, the rhythmic pressure of jet-driven water, soothes away tension and muscle soreness. It increases circulation and accelerates your body's natural healing process.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, people have found natural healing powers in bubbling pools of hot water. Now studies tell us that hydrotherapy can ease the pain of sprains and muscle-related injuries, and speed the repair process after a strenuous workout. It can also alleviate the pain of arthritis and ease certain symptoms of diabetes. Do you feel calmer during the day because you're looking forward to relaxing in your spa, or does the soothing magic of hydrotherapy last all day? Maybe both.


A slice of lemon, a garden drenched by summer rain, an armful of freshly cut lavender…aromas can be evocative, even therapeutic. They can make us feel calmer or more energetic, remind us of times past, alter our moods and help us think more clearly.


Trainers, physical therapists and other health care professionals recommend hydrotherapeutic sessions to alleviate the symptoms of muscle strains, sprains and other injuries, and to accelerate the healing process. The flow of warm water eases muscle tension, and relieves pressure on surrounding nerves, joints and blood vessels. Movement becomes easier, which is especially important for those suffering from arthritis and back pain. Warm water physiotherapy is also one of the safest treatments available.

Exercising in water is a wonderful way to improve flexibility and strength, build muscle endurance and balance, combat the aging process and boost your cardiovascular system. The warm water of a hot tub also greatly reduces stress on joints and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller.

For aquatic exercise, the temperature of the water must be cooler than the normal hot tub setting. Even non-exercisers or patients recovering from accidents or injuries can benefit from performing gentle, easy-flowing movements with water as the medium. By working with the water's natural resistance, even a mild water workout can tone muscles and boost metabolism.


Three major sub-systems work in concert to provide you with an unsurpassed spa experience: jets, controls and seating.

The effectiveness and comfort of hydrotherapy depend on jet type, not number. A plethora of similar jets isn't therapy, it's monotony. It's like playing the same note over and over again. Each jet is like a different pair of "hands" and "fingers." Some delicately caress soft tissue and some knead the aches in deep, large muscle groups. Some jets simulate Swedish massage, while others provide a Shiatsu-like experience.

You are the conductor. You control pressure and flow to the jets of your choice, wherever you choose to sit.

During a massage, the masseur or masseuse occasionally asks you to change positions in order to work different parts of your body. Similarly, spas have different seating areas, designed to deliver different hydrotherapies. You ease yourself from one area to another to experience a full-body massage.


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Hot Tubs by D1

Dimension One Spas has a full line of hot tubs and aquatic fitness swim spas to fit your backyard needs. We have listened to our customers for over 30 years to create the best indoor/outdoor hot tub experience.

Our portable hot tubs can be placed above-ground or designed into any backyard. A portable spa in your backyard gives you improved hydrotherapy at a lower cost than in-ground concrete spas.

Search for D1 hot tub and spa reviews and see how we compare! We invite you to check out each of our spas and swim spas to find the perfect model that fits you!

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We have over 20 spa models to choose from! Select your favorite from one of our four categories of high quality hottub spas and swim spas for your indoor or outdoor needs. Hot tubs in the Bay Collection offer the ultimate in luxury. The Reflections Collection spas feature advanced engineering. The @Home Collection of hot tubs provides feature rich affordability and performance. And our Aquatic Fitness Systems (Swim Spas) provide an unparalleled workout within a safe aquatic environment.


Establishing the Standard has been L.A. Spas' motto since the company's inception in 1976. As the innovator of many of the features you see on today's spas, it's quite clear we accomplished what we set out to do in the Spa industry almost 3 decades ago. With our continued commitment to advanced technology and superior design, L.A. Spas will continue as the forerunner in the industry for decades to come.

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and more...

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Before you step into your Catalina Spa for the first time, you'll already be thoroughly relaxed. You'll know that every part of its design has been finished to the highest possible standards. That it's been crafted from the finest materials, specially selected for the job. And that our engineers have such confidence in their spas that, as befits a masterpiece, they put their signature on each and every one.


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